Thursday, August 20, 2009


File Under: J. Barokas' Suburban, Ron Hexagon, Z. Chase Reunion, New Century Schoolbook's "Longest Bass Guitar in the World", New Century Schoolbook's "Most Flattering BOAT Cover in the World"Darby the softest pitbull in the world, Mat Calderon's wiffleball squad, Chicken Parm, candlelit dinners, Palm Springs mist, Screaming Females and Shellshag, "How Appro-Bo", Unable to get the Beatles booth at Bob's Big Boy, birthday cake, NBA Jam 4th quarter rally, Large Marge Dino's, Nightgowns meetup in Sacramento, EJ from Da Bears, Adalberto's, no time for Mr. Pickles, B. Stewart=J. Kruk/L. Dykstra/M. Schmidt, the Bronx Pizzeria, Luigi's Fun Garden, Touchdown Tommy returns from Vietnam, Tony Gwynn equals Mr. Padre, urban hip hop voice Gobstopper hunt, Yum Yum House Hunan, J. Gonzales on tambourine, Gabe Saucedo hugs us all, long drive home, Quizno's runs out of everything.


Anonymous Joshers said...

That lemonade was terrifying!

11:59 AM  
Blogger just gonzales said...

thanks for calling me out of the bullpen BOAT!

11:53 PM  

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