Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MMR Covers Collection--We Got No Rhythm, We Got No Soul!

To celebrate their 10th Anniversary, Magic Marker is releasing a boxed set of five extremely limited 7 inch records. Each side will feature a Magic Marker band covering another Magic Marker band.

BOAT covers The Faintest Ideas song "Nosebleeders on the Track." It was recorded in a matter of hours and minutes and features J. Goodman taming the mighty Rickenbacker bass (a late game substitution for the immutable M. McKenzie), and brassy/classy lead guitar. J. Long attends to super muscular rock drums, slappy claps, and husky background vocals, while D. Crane plays sparse melodica, unhinged bellkit, wedding band handclaps, loose crunch guitar, and sings in a slightly Euro accent through a tape recorder!

Allegedly, these 7 inch box sets will be available at the Anniversary show in Portland on February 7th. be there!



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