Monday, September 29, 2008

Reverb Fest is on Saturday! BOAT digs in to work on LP#3!

This Saturday, BOAT will be playing Seattle Weekly's Reverb Fest at 8 o'clock sharp. It will be the last BOAT show for a while. This is because new songs are being arranged and furiously written for LP#3.

M. McKenzie
is all but guaranteed to be playing more guitar/and shaker than ever. J. Goodman will balance the role of dedicated father of two/tofu product enthusiast/skronky keyboardmaster/lead guitarist/bellkit leader/dedicated husband/and hopefully Craigslist piano man. J. Long will pick up where he left off as heavy hitter/kick drum captain/Wrigley Field daygame supporter/ and all around sweat master. D. Crane will be playing fuzz bass/barre chord guitar/and possibly even turning his Tacoma garage into a cement floor hit factory/recording studio/home to the aforementioned and much hoped for Craigslist piano.

There will be guest stars and guest BOATers. Galactic Ricky will most likely add saxophones/and harmony vocals to the poppiest songs. Fred Schneider from the B-52's will be approached about singing the choruses of (Do the) Magic Centipede. Creeping Weed Pete will be begged for some lead guitar/extreme reverb guitar work.

Look for updates to sporadically appear throughout the fall months. All signs point to a 40 minute masterpiece.


Anonymous Michael Benjamin Lerner said...

Dude. SO siked for LP3. I cannot wait to hear Lately I've Been On My Back, and Prince Of Tacoma recorded! YES.

Hope you are well, BOAT. I miss thee.


3:13 PM  

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