Tuesday, July 22, 2008


FILE UNDER: Ford Focus, Wiffleball at Gottschalk's in Redding, 1 am swimming pool, Whopper with cheese sans meat, Alright Class, Steve Orth, 12 hour drive to Sacramento, Operation: Capitol Records Dropoff, Dodger Stadium, Greener Pastures, Kirby Puckett dedications, Scatman Cruthers, buying baseball cards, The immortal words of Peacock and Lebeau, Fake Yankee Stadium, listening to Pearl Jam (Live at Bonnarroo), Mr. T's $3 Diet Coke, pizza at Woodstock Pizza, in car cookies, Extenz infomercial, too many Budweiser bottles, sweaty tee shirts, Square Girls, Dub Lab, Hoshwa (DIY king of Santa Barbara), burritos at Adalbertos,burritos at Super Cuca burritos at Baja Fresh, purchasing clean pink boxers, watching VH1 Rock Honors, getting oil changes, Amoeba Records, Voodoo Donuts.


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