Monday, July 28, 2008

Two shows this week....BOAT predicts Wiffleball Win!

BOAT will be playing two shows this week. Both will be glorious.

On Wednesday (7/30), BOAT travels to their home away from home (Portland, OR), to play at the Towne Lounge. It is a going away party for Amy McCullough (Willamette Week Editor)......who is spending a year with her husband on a boat. Was it mentioned that both the mightily poppy Aqueduct, and the mightily pretty sounds of Graves will also be on the bill?

On Thursday (7/31), BOAT will play at Neumo's in Seattle. Awesome will be opening the show with a crazy set of sing alongs and non electric guitar rock.

BOAT has a history of horrible luck at Neumo's. This bad luck includes, but is not limited to: dropped drumsticks, broken strings, batteries failing a tuning pedal, batteries failing a keyboard, amp breakage, tuning peg breakage, forgotten sweatshirts, sick stomach and indigestion, falling into cymbals, and lost car keys.

Mt. St. Helen's Vietnam Band is playing their first ever show with BOAT at Neumo's. More shocking.....they challenged BOAT to a post game wiffle ball game! Are they aware of BOAT's wiffle prowess?

BOAT are self proclaimed wiffle champs. M. McKenzie is a Vince Coleman-esque leadoff man. J. Long is a 6 foot plus lefty (think Steve Avery on the mound and Dave Justice at the plate). He will get the start on the wiffle mound for BOAT. D. Crane will close the game if needed and bat last (he is rumored to hit like a non mustachioed version of Kevin McReynolds). It is not likely BOAT will go to the bullpen. LINE--BOAT 6 MSHVB 2


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