Friday, July 04, 2008

Topps now available!-BOAT on Saturday!

We finally have readied the Topps EP. You can order them from Magic Marker by clicking here. Or you can get them at shows. They will be available Saturday night at the Showbox!

Each 7 inch includes a stick of bubble gum, 6 cards, and a download code that will enable you to download all 3 songs from the record as well as a bonus 4th song in mp3 format.

There are 100 deluxe limited editions of the record that come with clear vinyl and a full set of all 25 cards. The deluxe edition will only be available at shows.


Anonymous R. Duffy said...

just got my copy in the mail the other day i was excited to get the Z. duffy baseball card and the gum was great.

7:31 PM  

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