Saturday, November 03, 2007

Cover #6 ----Da Bears!

Ryan Solomon is the lead singer of Da Bears. Here he is pictured rather appropriately, like he has just left the Strawberry Fields video shoot.

He has contributed cover number six, "(I'm a) Donkey For Your Love," off of Let's Drag Our Feet! Download it here...directly from Da Bears.

Da Bears are a San Diego band that BOAT met/played/drank free Red Stripes with/ate pizza in an empty room with in Boise, ID. Two members of the band also played tambourine with BOAT on "Last Cans of Paint." Are they sloppy pop? I think they would indeed qualify/be charter members.

Ryan turns this falsetto sloppy pop single into a psychedelic Casio beepy homage with plenty of slop pop scatting and noodletastic riffage/upper neck fretwork/squall.

BOAT needs to get down to San Diego and play with Da Bears soon.


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