Monday, November 19, 2007

Cover #10---Base the Money on the Children VS. Kiku

This cover comes to us from Ms. Kiku Hughes. She has created a homemade masterpiece with her rendition of "Base the Money on the Children," off of "Let's Drag Our Feet!

Kiku adds a fuzzy/acoustic/warbly electronic touch and a Bjork-y female vocal to a song that was hopelessly forgotten on Side B of BOAT's second LP. Check it out here.

Also, Kiku is responsible for the fabulous poster design for the upcoming BOAT/"AWESOME"/FISHBOY/EUX AUTRES show at the Comet Tavern. Look for it on a street corner near you.

Last but not least, she receives an gold star for her group "Reptile Boy" shout out as the recording begins.


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