Monday, August 06, 2007

(I'm a ) Donkey For Your Love

This is a pre-show practice in Chicago, IL at Z. Duffy's apartment. A couple hours later, BOAT played the legendary Schuba's Tavern and ate some deep dish pizza.

Z. Duffy is the round headed silhouette on the right. And yes, he is a genius.

More videos will follow soon.....hopefully they will have better lighting.


Anonymous the other duffy said...

its like that old weezer music video. but yours was better keep rocking on boat.

7:04 PM  
Anonymous avion said...

i've seen this video before in 2002.

11:09 PM  
Anonymous O'Connor said...

How do we know this is really Boat and not shadow people? Next time try shooting with the window behind you guys.

11:19 PM  
Blogger Chris said...


5:02 PM  

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