Sunday, March 11, 2007

SXSW---Lee Mazzilli of Sloppy Pop

BOAT is playing two big shows at SXSW, this week! Come see some sloppy pop and drink free beer and sodas! See Z. Duffy reprise (for two nights only) his role as guitar/melodica/handclapper/keyboard/soda drinking champion.

Or come see Tullycraft's J. Fell pinch hit (play the role of Lee Mazzilli) on drums. It should be a fairly exciting ....strike that.... super exciting couple shows.

Thursday, March 15th---The Indiepop Hootenanny @ Lovejoy's @ 2pm

Friday, March 16th----The Magic Marker Records Showcase @ The Parish II @10pm


Blogger zach said...

I miss you already BOAT...(*sigh*)...we'll have to do it again as soon as possible! i'll be your substitute utility man any day of the week....sorry i didn't get black-out drunk before we played...although losing my voice maybe made up for to you guys soon...don't let khalsa know about the late night cuddling when we shared a bed.

2:51 PM  

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