Monday, February 19, 2007

--Our Friend, Philip Mayben--

One week ago tonight, I received a phone call with tragic news. I found out that my friend of eleven years, Philip Mayben, had passed away.

My friendship with Phil began when I was a freshman in high school. He asked me to join his band, The Brothers Japan. I played in the band for about five weeks. Since then, Phil and I played in a number of bands together. Our friendship extended far beyond just making music, but music was a big part of our lives together.

Phil had been playing in BOAT for just over six months and I’m saddened and embarrassed to admit that his relationship in the band was rocky in the last few weeks.

Though the friendships among Phil, me, and the other members of BOAT were the most important things, we were having a difficult time making the musical relationship work. I am comforted in knowing that my personal relationship with Phil was strong at the end of his life, but I wish the music that we were making together, which was such a meaningful part of our long relationship, was working out better. Those regrets are just one part of the grieving that I am working through.

Now, one week later, I am able to say that my infinitely rewarding friendship with Phil was so significant, that I’d rather have this deep sadness than never have had him as my friend. He was a richly compassionate person. I know that he deeply cared about my family and me. I have always looked up to him, not only musically, but because of his kindness, humor, and creativity as well.

I think I can safely speak for Dave and Mark when I say that we were privileged and honored to have known Phil and to have had the chance to engage in making music with him. He pushed us musically and took BOAT to a new depth of creativity.

BOAT will continue to make records and perform our music, though we are not exactly sure what the immediate future will look like. As always, please feel free to write to the band with your thoughts, stories about Phil, or any questions you might have.

Thank you.
Josh Goodman


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