Friday, December 08, 2006

StrangerCrombie/BOAT COVERS

BOAT has been hired to cover a song for charity. Yes, The Stranger (the only paper worth reading in Seattle) is doing their annual Strangercrombie auctions. With a starting bid of $1.99 you can bid on the right to have BOAT cover and record the song of your choice. This is indeed for real.

The information is here. All the bidding will be done through Ebay and all money will go to Northwest Harvest. To bid you should click here.

This could be interesting. Could D. Crane rap? Will the band be able to play a song with more than four chords? Will the recording include broken theremin? Will the bidding eclipse ten dollars?

H. Fozzelberry


Anonymous Anonymous said...

86 friggin dollars for a friggin BOAT cover, and still a day left!I'm drowning in disbelief!

12:20 PM  

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