Wednesday, November 01, 2006

November is here!

This is a picture of B. MArshall of Sacramento, CA wearing a forest green BOAT (2nd edition) tee shirt.

November has arrived. P. Mayben's back is healing and BOAT is getting back to thinking/dreaming of more shows and new songs. We hope never to cancel another show.

D. Crane and M. McKenzie will be playing acoustically on November 11th at the Beacon Pub, opening for the Rivertubes and Estocar. The Beacon Pub is indeed where BOAT played their first show in 2004. This is the first time D. Crane and M. McKenzie have ever played acoustically. It will be a mix of unrecorded new material and clap along hits. Please join them.

Also, BOAT will be returning to four piece action at the Fusion Cafe/VERA Project on November 18th. The new songs are still being worked out, but the next LP is shaping up to be even sloppier and poppier than Songs That You Might Not Like.


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