Sunday, October 15, 2006

Next Up WWU!/Sunset Setlist

Our next show is sadly Racetrack's last show. We will be heading to Bellingham, to open for Racetrack at the VU Main Lounge on Saturday, October 21st. This will be legendary as three BOAT members have attended/graduated/seen amazing shows (Elliott Smith/BuiltTo Spill/Harvey Danger/the Posies/DCFC/Black Heart Procession/Pedro the Lion...) at Western Washington University. We are very excited. We have new buttons and last and least...we may be doing some recording of LP #2 very soon (December) as well. Hmmmmm. It could be very exciting.

Oh yes, here is last night's setlist....per the Title of this entry.


Lanterns and Laughing Ladies (Live at Leeds Version)
Come With Me, We'll Win
I've Got Ninjas! (Sixteen and Pretty--MAPC Cover---outro)
Quickly and Quietly (Ric Ocasek Version)
Clogged Castle
Greasedip Hairclip
Make Way For the Genius To Appear
Remember the Romans
The Bar Is Too Low to Fail
Return of the Rainbow Shoelace
Songs That You Might Not Like (Sludge Version)
Elephant Ears


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