Saturday, July 15, 2006


The minivan pulled in to Seattle around noon today. Last night we played the Towne Lounge with The Minders and the New Finesse. The Minders new album is terrific and their show was great. I nominate their new song "Don't You Stop" as my favorite song I have heard this year.

It was BOAT's finest tour yet. So many great people came out and we had so much fun breaking our strings and putting our guitars strangely out of tune for them.

We are getting things ready for our record release show on August 5th at the Sunset Tavern. Touring BOAT member Ian Bone is all but guaranteed to be there and there are rumors of our Wurlitzer piano making an appearance. There is still some confusion as to whether we are playing the Capitol Hill Block Party. We will know for sure by Monday....we hope.

Thanks again to everyone who has come out to the shows and bought "Songs That You Might Not Like."


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